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Music + Health - Nicholas Sebastian Naioti

Event Details:

Event Type: Announcement
Time: Friday, May 8, 2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Categories: Arts & Culture
Kid Friendly

Location Description:

Each of these concerts will take place from the GAAC Facebook page.  Interested listeners should go to at the time of the broadcast

Event Description:

Music + Health provides community music sessions that engage listeners in a wholistic manner, helping them experience music in ways that can be beneficial to health and wellness.

All sessions will go live from the Grinnell Area Arts Council facebook page.

  • May 8 - Nicholas Sebastian Naioti
  • May 15 - Kathy O'Connor

About the Musicians:

Nicholas Sebastian Naioti: Nicholas will be improvising ethereal soundscapes meant for meditative, relaxed listening. Perfect for yoga, meditation, or a hot cup of coffee or tea. Nicholas has a long history in ambient electronic music and self-released an ambient album called Watery Grave which is available to stream on Spotify. If you want to support Nicholas, you can buy merch or give a virtual tip at

Kathy O'Connor: Tibetan singing bowl session with demonstration
Kathy is a licensed massage therapist and runs a healing arts business called Touch of Grace. Kathy believes in bringing a balance to the body, mind and spirit through her work and uses Tibetan singing bowls as a musical offering that can provide healing and meditation for listeners. She has held monthly singing bowl sessions at the Mayflower Community as part of the Music + Health Program in addition to doing occasional programs-- for example, lunch time meditation events at Fairview Elementary or in the Grinnell Arts Center-- to help people relax and reset in the course of their busy days.

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