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The Grinnell Area Chamber of Commerce is collaborating with partners in the City of Grinnell, Claude & Dolly Ahrens Foundation (CDAF), Greater Poweshiek Community Foundation (GPCF), Grinnell College & Grinnell Mutual to launch a new program, Gifting Grinnell, designed to stimulate businesses while also supporting area nonprofit organizations.

Applications are now open for businesses to receive financial support for their business. In exchange for financial support, the business will provide a good or service that will then be gifted to CDAF and GPCF to place in an online auction in the coming weeks. All proceeds generated from the online auction will be donated to area nonprofit organizations.

Businesses, regardless of their affiliation with the Chamber, may apply for the program by filling out the form below. All businesses are eligible to apply; however, preference will be given to businesses in the Iowa Reinvestment Act, businesses located in the Central Business District, and those businesses most negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have questions about eligibility, please call the Chamber at 641-236-6555.

If a business has not been negatively impacted by the pandemic, but would like to participate in the program, they are encouraged to call the Chamber to discuss various options for participation.

Examples of things that could be provided include:

  • Monthly subscription box of goods
  • One time package of goods or service
  • Gift cards
  • Special event (custom dinner with chef, space rental, etc.)
  • Special consultation for service
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