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Staff Nurse (Term, up to 1 year)

Company: Grinnell College

Full time
Posted: 07/20/2020
Grinnell, IA
Grinnell College


The Staff Nurse provides health services for Grinnell College students under the medical supervision of a contracted medical director (MD) and the administrative supervision of the Director of Health Services. In collaboration with the Director of Health Services, colleagues in SHAW and the medical adviser, this college health professional ensures the highest level of healthcare treatment for students, within the scope of practice as a licensed registered nurse. This college health professional will adhere to the Iowa Board of Nursing licensure guidelines as well as adhering to SHAW standing orders and SHAW policies and procedures. This health professional will provide support working in the COVID testing clinic, in addition to working and providing support with case management, inclusive of tracing, isolation and quarantine care with possible support working with SHAW telehealth services. This health professional may provide triage and direct nursing care in a student health context, working with local and metro area
health care providers to coordinate the health care of students all while providing confidential communication with staff/faculty and parents as clinically indicated.


Minimum Qualifications

Registered Nursing degree required.

Preferred Qualifications

Minimum experience required; Well-developed clinical and diagnostic skills; Proven capability of providing highest standard of health care to a diverse clientele; Knowledge of and commitment to the application of the highest standards of legal and ethical principles; Experience in written and electronic forms of data collection and management; Well-developed written and oral communication skills; Demonstrate commitment to an environment of diversity and inclusion; and to the mission, values and vision of the Division of Student Affairs.

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