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Post Baccalaureate Fellow DASIL

Part time
Posted: 12/28/2021
Grinnell, IA
Human Resources


• Assisting the Data and Project Analyst in project management, advisement, and supervision

• Assisting with outreach, publicity, maintenance of the DASIL website, and daily supervision of DASIL staff

• Managing the physical space of DASIL: organizing the lab, setting up workshops, making room reservations, etc.

• Working with faculty to develop data sets

• Formulating exercises using technology to analyze quantitative, qualitative, or spatial data with the help of the Director, Data Scientist, and Data and Project Analyst

• Helping students with data-driven assignments, projects, and research

• Downloading datasets, preparing corresponding instructions, and updating existing datasets of faculty and staff

• Teaching workshops and course modules

• Preparing blogposts 


Minimum Qualifications: 

Bachelors Degree

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Knowledge of the softwares and programming languages DASIL supports (required)
  • Willingness to learn new programs and skills (required)
  • Coursework in the Social Studies (desirable)
  • Good organizations skills (time management, communication, planning) (required)


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