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Summer LINK AmeriCorps Leader

Posted: 01/04/2024
Grinnell, IA
Ashley Risting


Position/Site Specific Service Activities:
Enhance Summer Youth Programming
❑ Attend training provided by LINK staff to prepare for summer programming and learn site expectations
and protocols.
❑ Collaborate with LINK staff and Summer LINK AmeriCorps Leaders to create engaging and enriching
lesson plans for all participants.
❑ Identify the supplies needed for each lesson in advance. Communicate needs to LINK staff to assure
supplies are available for each lesson.
❑ Prepare site and supplies for each lesson.
❑ Collaborate with LINK staff in leading daily lessons.
Photography, Video, and Social Media Development Plan
❑ Develop a weekly summer social media plan with the director.
❑ Identify photograph and video needs for the social media plan. Take and edit photographs and video of
summer programming to support weekly social media plan.
❑ Organize LINK’s photo/video database as a repository for long term use.
❑ Develop a plan for back-up and migration as LINK develops, grows, and utilizes computer/cloud space.
Lesson Plan & Activity Organization
❑ As directed by LINK staff, organize LINK’s current activities, recipes, games, videos, photos, etc.


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❑ Develop an electronic database of LINK lesson plans, activities, games, videos, photos, etc. that can be
maintained as a catalog for future years.
❑ Develop a method to document and organize activities and resources (recipes, games, videos, photos,
etc.) that are added for summer programming.
❑ Collaborate with LINK staff, Summer LINK Americorps Leaders, and students to document activities,
directions, rules, recipes, etc., to ensure institutional memory.
Contribute to a Culture of Safety and Cleanliness
❑ Utilize training to identify students who may need additional support. Communicate concerns and
needs to LINK team members.
❑ Access the provided tools and training to support students through lessons and any challenges that
❑ Follow protocol to communicate with lead teacher and/or LINK director around specific incidents to
determine next steps.
❑ Follow site protocols for ongoing and daily site clean-up.
STEAM & Literacy Based Lesson Support
❑ Utilize training to identify students who may need additional support.
❑ Follow provided lesson plans with student(s) and classroom teacher.
❑ Offer students extra scaffolding support as needed based upon skill-level.
❑ If more advanced lessons or activities are needed, collaborate with LINK classroom teachers and
students for more advanced options.
Weekly Local Field Trips
❑ Learn about community partners, teachers, and students on local field trips to the art museum,
gymnastics gym, pool, parks, and more.

❑ Collaborate with staff and partners to assist students in personal expression through art, literacy play-
based activities, learning about being physically active, and making wholistic healthy choices.

❑ Offer students extra support as they need based upon skill-level.
Weekly Thematic Field Trips
❑ Attend full-day thematic field trips once a week, traditionally out of town.
❑ Collaborate with LINK staff on trip logistics, special preparations, and needs.
❑ Follow provided activity schedule for the trip, following protocol to communicate with lead teacher
throughout the day on any extra support that may be needed for specific students.
Older Aged Cooking & Videography Support
❑ Collaborate with LINK classroom teachers in training students how to use the videography & cooking
❑ Utilize training to identify students who may need additional support in videography projects and
cooking projects.
❑ Offer students extra scaffolding support as needed based upon skill-level.
❑ Attend special field trips with small older aged cohorts of cooking and videography groups.


Position Requirements:
❑ Pass mandatory site-specific background check
❑ Complete LINK-specific training on childcare protocols, DHS policies, LINK policies, mandatory
reporting, social emotional learning, and neurodivergent care prior to engaging with students
❑ Ability to spend long period standing and squatting
❑ Ability to sustain activity in varied weather conditions (heat, rain, cold, humidity)

❑ Must be 18 years of age or older by start date
❑ Must have a high school diploma or equivalent, or be in process of completion
❑ Must be either a citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident alien of the United States
❑ Must pass mandatory pre-service background checks

Benefits and Evaluation Requirements:
❑ A living allowance of $3,750 will be paid to help meet the necessary living expenses incurred while
serving in the AmeriCorps program. The living allowance will be divided evenly across the term of
service and paid every two weeks via direct deposit.
❑ Upon successful completion of the term of service, the member will receive a Segal Education Award
of $1,459.26 from the National Service Trust. AmeriCorps members aged 55 or older at the start of
service can transfer the award to a child or grandchild.
❑ Student loan deferment, forbearance or forgiveness opportunities are available depending on the type
of student loan. It is the member’s responsibility to obtain information about whether their loan(s)
qualify for this benefit. This is not an automatic benefit of the program.
❑ Training and professional development related to the knowledge and skills required for service, as well
as training specific to the community the member serves. The member will receive a mid-term and end
of term evaluation.

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