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What Do YOU Look For?

What do YOU look for?
My family and I are finally getting back into some low-key travel, and as I'm visiting different communities, I'm finding myself looking at all sorts of things I've not experienced lately. So I'm curious, what do you look for when you visit new communities? What compels you to choose to visit a place - is it referrals, a website, a specific attraction? And when you get there, what do you find most appealing about the place - is it the people, the signage, the things to do? I may be a bit unique, but lately I've found myself admiring communities for all sorts of reason, but especially how friendly their community members are. After not traveling for well over a year, I'm finding that getting back out and engaging in conversations with people has been incredibily fun and rewarding. I love to visit small businesses (especially in our own community but whilst on vacation as well) and simply visit with the owners and how things are going - what do they love about their communities and what do they wish were different?
It will never be a 'perfect world' for business and visitors alike, but there is most certainly a balancing act. I'd love if you'd take just a quick minute to reply to this message to let me know what you look for through your own traveling lens. Perhaps it'll make a 'short list' as a way to engage businesses and bring more visitors to our own community! 
--Rachael Kinnick 
07/22/2021 1:44 PM |Add a comment
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