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As a dynamic leader, the Grinnell Area Chamber of Commerce supports businesses, facilitates connections, builds community, acts as a central information source, and is a catalyst for economic growth, making Grinnell a vibrant place to live, learn, work, and play.



To advance the economic development, vitality and growth of the community


A regional destination recognized for innovation, opportunity, education, and sustainable growth


Community Growth

  • The Chamber works to implement proactive initiatives that offer the greatest opportunity for Grinnell to grow its population.
  • The Chamber aims to address the following areas during 2023:
    • Begin community visioning process.
    • Develop initiatives to grow population and workforce in Grinnell.
    • Strengthen resources to support existing business growth and foster new business growth in our community.
    • Work with our community partners to launch placemaking efforts in Grinnell.
  • The Chamber responds to inquiries from visitors, residents, and those looking to relocate or start a business; provide a central source of information with a community calendar and community links; operate a physical visitor & information center; manage social networking endeavors; and develop and print visitor guides.

Business Development

  • The Chamber is actively working to retain and grow estimating businesses and services, as well as, recruiting new business and services
    • Major employers are vital to the economic health and growth potential of Grinnell.
    • Existing small businesses and services are the backbone of Grinnell's economy and quality of life.
    • New businesses and services improve the economy and quality of life.
  • The Chamber works to prevent retail sales leakage with shop local campaigns and a wide variety of promotions. These promotions include a variety of retail events as well as punch card promotions throughout the year. The Chamber also connect members to increase business-to-business spending and provide networking opportunities; operate a small business marketing center to help businesses get the word out about their products and services; recruit businesses to Grinnell and provide start-up support to entrepreneurs; and staff visitor information tables at tournaments, college events and community fairs to connect visitors to Grinnell businesses.

Community Vitality

  • The Chamber works to brand Grinnell as a compelling business development location and ensure there are attractive amenities for employees to live, work, and play in Grinnell.
  • The Chamber aims to promote Grinnell as a regional destination.
    • A healthy downtown is the cornerstone of community pride, economic health and visitor attraction.
    • Visitor attraction leads to a stronger economy.
  • The Chamber coordinates traditional events like the 4th of July Celebrations, Grinnell Farmers Market, Jingle Bell Holiday and Holidays in Grinnell and provides publicity and promotional support to many organizations that host community events. 
  • The Chamber also market Grinnell to outside tournaments, meetings, groups, event goers, interstate, conventions and weekend travelers; respond to requests for information from alumni, family reunions and other groups; provide logistical support and coordinate visits.


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