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At the heart of any great community is its education system, and education has been a significant part of Grinnell since the first public school was built in 1855. From that time, Grinnell has grown and is now proud to support its five preschools, an excellent public school district, alternative education program, parochial school, community college and one of the leading private colleges in the United States: Grinnell College.

Grinnell-Newburg Community School District

Bailey Park Elementary

Fairview Elementary

Davis Elementary

Grinnell-Newburg Middle School

Grinnell-Newburg High School


Iowa Valley Community College

Grinnell Campus


Grinnell College

About Grinnell College


Current Community Education Initiatives

Grinnell AmeriCorps Partnership - Grinnell and AmeriCorps have joined efforts using a “collective action” network framework to maximize and better align existing resources to support community education priorities. By working together in new ways, the Grinnell AmeriCorps Partnership is supporting the efforts of the Campaign for Grade Level Reading and the Skills Gap Initiative. 

Campaign For Grade Level Reading - This is a nationwide effort to make sure that all children can read at grade level by third grade, as third grade reading is an important predictor of high school graduation.

Skills Gap Initiative - This is a local effort to expose high school students to a work environment where they can further their professional skills.



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