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Project Manager

Full time
Posted: 05/31/2024
Grinnell, IA
Kent Reed


Department: Project Management/Customer Service
Supervisor: Director of Customer Service

Assumes ownership of all orders submitted by sales consultant(s) from order entry through to project completion/installation. Responsible for scope, costs and schedule of each project while ensuring a positive customer journey.

Receives information from sales then submits the order, plans, coordinates and tracks all activities related to the production and installation processes of it, ensuring the timely and accurate entering and profitable completion of each order. Periodically assists sales consultants with customer contact regarding various order and project details. Utilizes Latitude’s Mothernode software for order entry and tracking documentation.


  • Facilitates accurate and timely order entry of projects assigned
  • Maintains complete project oversight and responsibility, from the time the client order is obtained until final delivery or installation.
  • Contacts the sales consultant or the customer if any order detail is missing or unclear.
  • Monitors and coordinates the production process between sales, production, installation, accounting, vendors, subcontractors, public officials and the client to ensure the timely and profitable delivery and completion of orders.
  • Create and follow up on all outside vendor purchase orders to ensure timely delivery of needed items. Communicate with sales, production, and client of project completion delays.
  • Develops and maintains, through initial and ongoing training, a comprehensive understanding of the company’s products, services, capabilities, product specifications, materials, construction, manufacturing, installation, and the design planning process.
  • Learns, understands and follows company policies related to pricing and delivery time frames, and works in accordance with the company’s internal workflow structure.
  • Participates in improvement teams as assigned.

A project manager is highly capable of managing complex situations and addresses all details, challenges, and opportunities with a steady focus on satisfying the customer and protecting company profit. They have an in-depth understanding of company processes,
and the tools utilized to improve performance (i.e. software, forms, meeting structures, etc.), and manage relationships effectively with a diverse audience. Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) as well as a high level of organizational ability are essential.


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