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Posted: 03/13/2024
Grinnell, IA
Erin Bustin


We are greatly expanding our programs and interested in hearing from teachers who specialize in any instruments, genres, or styles. Whether you want to teach private lessons or you have an idea for a class or workshop, please get in touch! 


In particular, we have high demand for:


  • vocalists/singers to teach all ages, levels, and styles 
  • pianists, particularly with experience teaching young beginners and adult learners
  • guitarists to teach all ages, levels and styles, but especially those with rock/jam band experience and those interested in working with young beginners
  • drummers to teach both kit and auxiliary lessons, especially those with rock/jam band experience and those interested in working with young beginners
  • songwriters
  • ukulele group class instructor
  • group singing coach and accompanist(s) to co-lead our inaugural "pub choir"
  • facilitator-instructors for monthly jam sessions, especially open jam (for experienced musicians in rock/pop styles) and Irish/folk music jam



Why Teach for Grinnell School of Music?

  • Offer private or small-group lessons or classes - it’s up to you. 
  • Set your own schedule. 
  • Work with students of any or all age groups. 
  • Earn fair compensation, including paid holidays. 
  • Avoid the stress and hassle of managing a studio so you can focus on making music. 
  • Teach in our brand-new, fully equipped studios (opening in August). 
  • Be part of a supportive and inclusive musical community. 



Your Qualifications

  • Prior teaching experience and demonstrable expertise in your instrument(s) or field. 
  • High level of proficiency in performance; professional experience an asset. 
  • Degree(s) or diploma(s) in music, performance, pedagogy, or similar field(s). 
  • Ability to provide keyboard support for students is preferred if you are teaching instrument(s) which require it. We do not provide lesson accompanists. 
  • Strong communication skills to effectively interact with students, parents, and colleagues. 


Your Skills, Values, and Assets

  • Shared belief in the importance of lifelong music-making
  • Desire to be part of our musical community of students, families, and other teachers
  • Strong communication skills 
  • Belief that music should be fun and lessons, classes, and practice should be engaging
  • Willingness to take a student-centered approach in your teaching 
  • Recognition that all students have different musical goals
  • Always seeking to improve your teaching
  • Available for occasional teacher meetings and trainings (your time will always be compensated)
  • Committed to using online systems as required for attendance, student communication, and curricular resources
  • Adherence to COVID-19 and other health & safety protocols when required, including vaccination and mask-wearing, at the discretion of Grinnell School of Music.


Teacher Responsibilities

Private and Small-Group Lessons

  • Provide student-centered, age-appropriate instruction.
  • Teach in-person at our facility in downtown Grinnell; online/virtual lessons may be offered occasionally as required by extenuating circumstances such as illness or weather. 
  • Teach 30 weekly lessons during the school year (late August through May), with the exception of planned holidays. Take the summer off, or teach on a more flexible schedule for interested students. 
  • Prepare for lessons using appropriate exercises, repertoire, and literacy resources. Your lesson prep time is accounted for in your per-student pay. 
  • Arrive on time and attend reliably without missing lessons, except under extenuating circumstances. We’ve designed attendance and makeup policies that are designed to protect YOU as well as your students, and to support a healthy work/life balance. 
  • Adhere to relevant studio policies


Group Classes, Workshops, and Other Programs

  • Work with the Director to determine your schedule including length, frequency, and duration of the class or program.
  • Provide student-centered, age-appropriate instruction.
  • Teach in-person at our facility in downtown Grinnell; online/virtual lessons may be offered occasionally as required by extenuating circumstances such as illness or weather. 
  • Prepare for classes using appropriate resources. Your class prep time will be accounted for in your per-class or per-session pay. 
  • Arrive on time and attend reliably without missing classes, except under extenuating circumstances. 
  • Adhere to relevant studio policies

Our administrative support lets you focus on what really matters: Making music. Making a difference.

  • Stable income.  Your monthly pay remains the same (per student or class that you teach). We observe statutory holidays and are closed for Thanksgiving, winter holidays, and spring break.
  • Fully equipped classroom. Opening in August 2024, our new facility will have three studio spaces for private and small-group lessons, and a large classroom. Each space will be equipped with a full-size piano, music stands, full-length mirror, amplification equipment, and more. 
  • Scheduling. We liaise directly with students and families to determine regular lesson times to fit with your availability, saving you hours (and hours) of back-and-forth emails. 
  • Financial administration. We send invoices to students and manage receipts, making sure that you can get paid in-full, and on time, each month. 
  • Policy adherence.  We communicate policies with students and help make sure they are respected and adhered to.  We help protect your boundaries and support you in conflict resolution, if necessary. 
  • Student recruitment . You determine your ideal teaching load and we do the rest. Taking into consideration the local market in which we operate, our goal is to recruit the number of students you want. We also maintain a waitlist so we can match you with new students when openings become available. 
  • Online administration resources. We maintain an online platform where you can manage your teaching calendar, track attendance, communicate lesson notes with students, and keep track of your monthly pay.
  • Teacher resources. We are always building our library, including printed books and shared subscriptions to online sheet music providers, as well as pedagogical and reference materials.
  • Student take-home materials.  We order and deliver the books, resources, and repertoire you have recommended for your students (within established budget parameters). You tell us what you need and when, and we do our best to have it delivered to your student promptly. 
  • Shared onsite workspace.  Prep for lessons in the Roger & Lisa Henderson Teacher Workspace (sponsored by Greenstate Credit Union), equipped with comfortable work sufaces, Wi-Fi, printing and photocopying, kitchenette, and teacher-only restroom. 
  • Performances. We plan and organize school-wide student recitlals and showcases and seek other  local performance opportunities in our community. We provide accompaniment  (tracks or live pianist), a printed program, promotion, the venue, and even cookies. Your students get the chance to work towards public performance, but you don’t have to organize it! 
  • Community. It's at the core of everything we do. We encourage collaboration across studios, provide scholarships to enhance accessibility, and foster an inclusive, welcoming, and accessible space and culture for teachers and students alike. 



Email Erin (our ED) with questions or to chat more about whether teaching at Grinnell School of Music is a good fit for you!

If you're ready to apply, please include the following with your email: 

  1. Cover letter, outlining what you hope to teach and why you want to teach at GSoM
  2. A CV detailing your performance and teaching experience
  3. The names and contact information for at least three references who can speak to your qualifications

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