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Meet Tony

I recently had the pleasure of meeting 11-year-old Tony Neeley. What anamazing, selfless kid. He is going to be a philanthropic young man, I have no doubt. Tony is currently involved with Food for the Hungry, and has committed to sponsoring a child in a poverty-stricken area in Ethiopia. 
Each month, Tony sends letters, prayers and $35 to help Shagu, an orphaned boy just four months older than Tony, have a chance for a better life. 
Tony is out collecting empty pop cans in his neighborhood each week to raise the money to send to Shagu. I had the chance to meet him last month when he collected the cans from Friday Fest. What an inspiration to all of us to get involved and make a difference! 
Have you thought about how you could give back? There are so many ways, whether to an organization like the one Tony's involved with, or some right here in our own community. We have so many non-profit organizations doing great work in Grinnell and they are looking for help, from volunteers to board members to monetary donations. Please consider getting involved in one of the many organizations here and making a difference in our community. If you need an idea of where to start, please let me know - I'd be happy to help connect you with an organization that matches your interests.


Additionally, our business community is continually being asked to be supportive of different efforts taking place in Grinnell and surrounding areas. Would you do me a favor? Next time you see a business listed as a sponsor of an event or organization, please take the time to thank them, whether with your business or a simple 'thank you'. 


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