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Choose Kindness


Tomorrow kicks off a new 10 Days of Kindness initiative in Grinnell, celebrating the power and importance of intentional kindness in our community. Inspired by a Grinnell College alum, Lori Myren-Manbeck, community members are invited to a number of 'kindness' events throughout the community over the next ten days. These events are intended to provide an opportunity to bring community members together in unique and meaningful ways and encourage kindness through conversation. 


Whether you're able to attend the events or not, would you please take a few moments each of the next ten days to practice intentional kindness? Whether it be personally, professionally, or both it's safe to say our world would be a much better place if we made a purposeful choice to be more kind to our friends and neighbors. Kindness can be interpreted and shown in a number of ways -- please take a few moments to choose kindness in the days to come, and make an effort to keep the momentum going long after these ten days are over. 


To find more details on all the events and activities planned by a number of community organizations and individuals as part of the 10 Days of Kindness, click here

--Rachael Kinnick


p.s. Show kindness to businesses by  nominating them or individuals for our Annual Awards Celebration! 

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