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I'll Google It...


Have you ever said this phrase? I feel like I do this far too often in my daily life! But the reality is, many of us turn to Google whenever we want to gather more information - from how to get from one location to another, to learning how to help with math homework, to searching for businesses - and that number is increasing every day. Do you know how to get good 'search results'?  Is your business or organization well-represented on Google? 


The Chamber is hosting a one hour 'Grow with Google' session on Tuesday, October 29 at 8:30AM, facilitated by Google-supported trainer Erin Bemis, to learn more about the tools available to businesses and organizations to help ensure those of us who are actively 'googling' on a regular basis can find you and your information! This session is free and open to anyone in Grinnell and the surrounding area to attend (need not be a chamber member to attend). If you represent a business or organization, this session is for you! You can learn more and RSVP here.  


We're excited to be bringing this session to Grinnell to offer our businesses and industry the opportunity, which are often targeted to more metro-areas, to learn how to get better recognition on online platforms. At the end of the day, internet platforms are not going away, and we want to ensure our businesses have the same playing field, and having accurate, up-to-date online listings is the first step! Join us as we Grow with Google. 

--Rachael Kinnick


p.s. Erin will also be leading our Marketing Power Hour the following day (October 30) on e-newsletters and blogging. You can register for the educational session here!

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