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It's Your Right!


As Iowans, I know many of you are getting tired of the political landscape at the moment, and are counting down the days until the Iowa Caucuses. After all, we have been seeing and hearing from political candidates for well over a year now, whereas the rest of the country is just gearing up for what we've already become accustomed to. But let me take a moment to remind you that this is our time to shine - regardless of what political party you align with - Iowa is afforded an opportunity unique of anyone else in the country. I was reminded of this recently as I was with a group of colleagues from across the country and found myself frequently defending Iowa's position as the first in the nation. It was in those moments that I was reminded what an incredible moment this really is for Iowa, and while yes, I, too, am a little tired of all the political ads flooding the television and social streams, it's important to remember that this is our right. As Iowans and Americans, we have the right to vote and make our voices heard. There are not many places in the country who will be able to say, regardless of how the November election turns out, that they've had a chance to hear first-hand from the President of the United States in their coffee shop, diner, business operation or a rally. But as Iowans, we are often afforded that opportunity. 


As Caucus night nears, I would encourage you to take part in the process, even if as an observer. This is a unique process, and we should embrace it as it truly does put our State on a platform that has trickle-down effect for all of us, not to mention the positive economic impact it's created for the State (2,000+ media correspondents are in Des Moines this week/weekend alone) as a whole but even our smaller community. From political offices leasing space, to media buys and coverage, to constant recognition across the country - these all have positive economic gain for our community.


As long as we're talking about our rights, I want to remind you of the Legislative Coffee, the first of which will take place this Saturday at 9AM at the Presbyterian Church. Our elected officials, Senator Kapucian and Representative Maxwell, will be in attendance to share some of the house happenings as well as take questions from attendees. These are important opportunities to share your praises and concerns and take a more active role in local government and policy.  These events are co-hosted by the Grinnell Chamber of Commerce and Grinnell's League of Women Voters.

--Rachael Kinnick


p.s. If you're interested in Caucusing, or observing the evening, but not sure where to go you can find that information here

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