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When you think of tourism in Iowa, you likely think about warm summer days, a bit unlike today! While most tourism takes place in warmer months in Iowa, smaller communities often see a tourism boost in different ways. The next several weeks will bring an influx of visitors to our community thanks to so many activities and events being held in Grinnell.


Not only sports tourism, but arts and culture, are drawing thousands of people to our community over the course of the year. This weekend alone, there are many events bringing visitors to our lovely community, including the Midwest Conference Swimming & Diving Championships at Grinnell College's Natatorium. And if you've never been to that facility, you need to check it out - especially on a day like today when it's so cold outdoors! If you check the activity calendars at the high school, college, and Ahrens Park, you'll see how many other weekends are filled with events that will bring visitors to our community. 


These events have tremendous economic impact on our community as well - these visitors are putting money into our local economy by purchasing food, going shopping, filling up at the gas station and staying in our hotels. 


Do me a favor over the next few weekends, and share the love (remember, today is Valentine's Day!) as you greet these visitors with a friendly 'hello'. After all, if they have a good experience in our community, they'll be more likely to return for a visit when they have more time to enjoy all Grinnell has to offer. 

--Rachael Kinnick


p.s. Our Annual Celebration will take place March 11, and we're looking for your best experiences over the past year. Please consider submitting your nominations online here  and purchase your tickets for the event here

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