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Operation: Support Grinnell! 


Wow, what a week! Certainly one that will be marked in history for many reasons. Our team has been working hard to share information, convene (virtual) meetings, and discuss ways our community can continue to plan and prepare for the quickly evolving challenges due to COVID-19. While we continue to work on longer-term efforts, I can assure you there's a message I've been preaching already and will certainly continue as long as needed: there has never been a better time to support local businesses. 


Many of our Grinnell businesses will be impacted greatly as a result of COVID-19; please do what you can to support them if you are able. If you don't regularly eat out, perhaps you'll consider it more in the days and weeks to come. If you're not comfortable going to the restaurant, remember that take-out is always a great option as well! Perhaps it's time for that new pair of shoes you've been considering, or the extra morning donuts or latte. Instead of heading out of town for your next vacation, consider a staycation exploring Grinnell and the surrounding area. Our small businesses need our support now more than ever, and I hope you will join me in doing what you can to support each and every one of them. 

--Rachael Kinnick


p.s. We've been busy brainstorming a new on-the-go business idea for Grinnell -- if you're interested in helping to be a part of a possible solution to help small businesses, please reply to this email! 

03/13/2020 12:23 PM |Add a comment |Comments (1)
Please remember your barber most can do person to person. But with no unemployment it will also be a very long haul. They have no means to carry out etc.

Mary Jo Smith | | 03/18/2020 12:18 PM
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