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130 Days. Wow, a lot has changed in that time, and so much may never be the same. Our office has been incredibly busy, albeit a very different kind of 'busy' than in a normal year. We have primarily worked remotely during this period and have implemented program after program to help support our business community, oftentimes doing so regardless of whether they are a member of our organization or not. Programs like the Grinnell Small Business Relief Fund (the first of its kind in the state), developing and launching, the Grinnell Gift Card program to support businesses by purchasing gift cards now to be used later, working with our small businesses to provide much-needed access to PPE and much more. 


Unfortunately while we were busy creating and implementing all these programs, our revenue streams were being actively disrupted as we were no longer able to host many in-person events giving critical cash flow to our operations. Equally, several of our members have been unable to pay their invoices due to the economic climate. We have pursued many opportunities to help financially support our organization; however, Chambers of Commerce have been left out of the loop for many funding opportunities, which now leaves us implementing yet another new program. 


We have recently launched Chamber Champions as a way for our community and individuals to support the financial stability of our organization. As of today, 100% of our Board Members and many community members have already pledged their support to become a Chamber Champion. 


We are so grateful to be part of such an incredible community; one that rallies around causes and organizations and supports so many efforts, both in and out of a pandemic. I am very humbly appreciative of any financial support that may come our way via the Chamber Champions program as it will allow our team to continue to support our business and community efforts and outreach. 


To learn more or to become a Chamber Champion, please visit our website today

--Rachael Kinnick 

07/25/2020 10:15 AM |Add a comment
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