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It's Small Business Week! Generally celebrated in May and recognized by the Small Business Administration, this year's promotion was moved to September due to the pandemic. Regardless of timing, we are excited to celebrate our small businesses this week and every week. There is no question our businesses, particularly our small businesses, have experienced one of the toughest years imaginable. 
The statistics are bleak. I've been on several calls this week with organizations that support small business across the country, and the outlook is concerning, at best. Several of them noted that approximately 30% of small business owners they support do not have the cash flow or business to keep them open through the end of the year. These numbers are even more-so concerning if you're one of the individuals who have poured your heart and soul into owning and operating a small business. 
Small business owners are entrepreneurial by nature - they take risks, they are independent, they drive growth and innovation. They are resilient, tenacious, creative and inventive. But they are tired, and they need us to rally around them. Just this week a few of our small businesses announced changes to their daily operations in an effort to help keep their businesses open for the long haul. Please do what you can to help support our small businesses this week during Small Business Week and every week thereafter. 
To the small business owners in our community: We see you trying to make ends meet and hold it all together. We are in your corner to help you get through these challenges, and are hoping for better days ahead. We salute you! 
--Rachael Kinnick 
p.s. If you'd like to support above and beyond your regular purchases, we are still accepting donations to the Grinnell Small Business Relief Fund which has helped provide support to more than 50 small businesses in Grinnell, and is continuing to make grant financial support as this pandemic continues. 
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