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A Year Ago This Week...

Earlier this week, I logged into my Facebook account and was met with my memories from a year ago. A year ago this week, we were in the early days of the pandemic, and had just gotten our school supplies to begin our school-from-home adventure. While my kids were elated for what was to come (don't worry, the elation quickly faded!), I was a bit more hesitant. There was so much uncertainty with absolutely everything. Could we go anywhere or do anything? Would our businesses survive what they were experiencing and what was to come? Would I be able to balance working from home while attempting to educate three kids? 
I'll be honest, those early days of the pandemic are now a bit of a blur to me, and I'm guessing to many others as well. Someone recently asked me about a conversation that happened early in the pandemic, and I could only respond that I vaguely remember where I was while we were having the discussion (in my driveway watching the kids ride bikes!) but had almost zero recollection of the actual topics discussed. Things were moving so quickly, and we were all balancing so much - in some ways it feels like a miracle that we are where we are today. And while we're certainly not done with COVID yet, things continue to improve and we're nearing our new normal ever-so-slowly. 
I want to give a shoutout to all of you reading who held it together through whatever you have faced to be where you are today. It wasn't easy, and still isn't, but it's getting better. And I hope that it's allowed each of us to realize just how important people, relationships, businesses, health and wellness, and so much more, are to our every-day lives. 
Keep on keeping on, friends! 
--Rachael Kinnick 
03/26/2021 10:54 AM |Add a comment
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