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Rural is Rockin'

Earlier this week, members of our team of board and staff had the opportunity to attend the Iowa Rural Development Council's 6th Annual Rural Development Summit. We appreciate the ongoing support of member business Grinnell Mutual for their willingness to help make this possible, and were happy to spend some time with member business The Bill Menner Group who helped put on the event. 
We spent the day with 350 colleagues and friends from across Iowa, all representing their own rural communities, who are rockin' rural. We came together to share information from one another about successes, challenges and opportunities. It was a great day of learning, spent brainstorming about future opportunities for our own community. 
One of the keynote presentations featured a journalist who spent the last year traveling to rural communities across Iowa, and talking with their residents to learn what made them unique and successful. One of his primary conclusions: communities with residents and leaders who clearly and emphatically love their community are making amazing things happen, regardless of size. So I'm curious - and there's no right or wrong answer here - on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the most), how much do you love Grinnell? 
--Rachael Kinnick 
04/15/2022 3:35 PM |Add a comment
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