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Nobious Business Automation

Posted on 06/04/2024 at 3:24 PM

Today ambassadors met with Nobious Business Automation, led by CEO Jason Palmer. Nobious is a technology based company servicing clients throughout the United States, Canada and Saudi Arabia. Nobious has a mostly remote team in Iowa/Midwest as well as a team in New Delhi, India, Nobious also has a team of 4 Grinnell College Interns working specifically on an AI Team.

The core services offered by Nobious are their Parts & Materials Inventory System which uses barcoding technology allowing the clients to keep track off their full inventory. Nobious also offers a SMS/Text message based Safety Training App. This service is popular amongst large construction companies, their crew members are able to access this information through their personal device and get the training information needed to keep them informed and safe while on the job site. Lastly, Nobious has a time tracking system, this can be used to track a crews labor time but is also used to track equipment time while on the job to ensure proper invoicing for all time and effort put into the job.

Nobious takes pride in the customization they put into each system for a client, while they have packages as a starting point there is always an additional layer to ensure the product is working effectively for their end user.


Pictured L-R: Nathan Beck- Community 1st Credit Union, Matt Moyer- Bayer Crop Science, Brad German- GreenState Credit Union, Jason Palmer- Nobious Business Automation, Lisa Cirks- Cirks Financial Services, Erin Bustin- Grinnell School of Music, Rachael Kinnick- Grinnell Chamber, Jack Mathews- Our Grinnell, Trent Arment- MCG - Mahaska Communication Group

Iowa Built Trailers LLC

Posted on 05/28/2024 at 3:27 PM

Today Ambassadors held a Ribbon Cutting for Iowa Built Trailers owned by Craig Cooper. Iowa Built Trailers bloomed from old Ragbrai accommodations Craig used to use on his charters, these "bunk houses" were sold to a buyer in the carnival industry. After the initial purchase the buyer reached back out and asked if Craig could create more for his company and from there Iowa Built Trailers started and has created trailer accomodations for other companies within the carnival industry as well.

Starting out in the old ambulance bay, Iowa Built Trailers outgrew the space quickly and acquired their new space housing an on site office as well as a large workshop and room to expand if needed.

Iowa Built is approaching carnival housing differently than others in the industry, he states that they build accommodations that him and his team would be comfortable spending the night in, hoping to help in the change that is coming into the industry of more comfortable living accommodations for the employees. Additionally, Craig and his team care about their products after the sale. Craig took a trip to see his initial buyer on site to see how the product was holding up and how it was being used so that proper adjustments could be made to future accommodations. While on site Craig noticed a few elements not holding up and returned with his team to make the proper repairs.

Lastly, Craig spoke about how none of this would be possible without his team of builders. Craig and a client may meet and create a vision of what they want in their accommodations and Craig brings it back to his team and states that they always find a way to make that vision a reality. He praised his team as an extremely hardworking, resourceful and talented group.

Picture L-R Clay Meyer- Iowa Built, Jack Mathews- Our Grinnell, Lisa Cirks- Cirks Financial Services, Monica St. Angelo- Grinnell Area Arts Council, Hannah Vos- UnityPoint at Home, Donnette Ellis- Grinnell College Community Connections, Charlie Isaccs- Theisen's, Brianna Gaunt- Community 1st Credit Union, Rachel Arseneault- Ramsey-Weeks Inc. Real Estate, Jennifer McAlexander- JM Consulting & Hawkeye Lock & Security, Fran Conn, Alokey Diaz Aguilera- Iowa Built, Donna Fisher-UnityPoint Health - Grinnell Regional Medical Center, Jeff Finch- Wes Finch Auto Plaza, Rachael Kinnick- Grinnell Chamber, Matt Moyer- Bayer Crop Science, Barb Arlint- Iowa Built, Craig Cooper- Iowa Built and Francisco Baharona- Iowa Built


Posted on 05/07/2024 at 3:28 PM

Ambassadors visited Fareway Stores Grinnell today to learn more about the store and their recent remodel. Grocery manager Ben Hall welcomed the group and shared more about the work that has taken place over the last six months. While the work itself began last October, their team has been busy planning for a couple years. Fareway has an internal construction team which helps individual stores plan their remodels, and they’re chosen based on a variety of factors including age of store, location, and foot traffic.

Grinnell’s Fareway store has been in its current location since 2007 (we were just as surprised as some of you!), and it was time for some updates. Notable changes included updates to the current refrigeration units, eliminating the old and inefficient ‘pizza bunkers’. The remodel greatly improved lighting throughout the entire store, something Hall noted many customers have found appealing. Finally, they removed the ‘L’ that previously closed off the produce selection from the grocery, creating significantly more open space and moving the liquor to a designated aisle.

The remodel has also allowed them to bring in a variety of new products. Staff have a catalog of items from which they can order; however, previous space constraints did not allow them to carry as many products. Since the remodel, they have added several hundred products, and are always looking at ways they can carry additional items to meet the needs of Grinnell-area residents.

Hall referenced many changes in the grocery industry over the past few years which included: addition of Fast Lanes that were implemented last fall, online shopping and curbside pickup options and new building signage. Locally, Fareway employs over 80 individuals, as young as 14 years old. You can shop Grinnell Fareway from 8AM-9PM Monday through Saturday.

Pictured L-R: Monica St. Angelo - Grinnell Area Arts Council, Charlie Isaacs - Theisen's, Rachel Hansen - Cleanfoodfix LLC, Trent Arment - MCG - Mahaska Communication Group, Hannah Vos - UnityPoint at Home, Donna Fischer - UnityPoint Health - Grinnell Regional Medical Center, Ben Hall - Fareway Stores Grinnell, Matt Moyer - Bayer Crop Science, Bri Vande Stouwe - Community 1st Credit Union, Fran Conn, Donnette Ellis - Grinnell College Community Connections

@ The Mental Health Lab

Posted on 04/30/2024 at 3:29 PM

Ambassadors welcomed new member At The Mental Health Lab today. Owner and Licensed Mental Health Counselor Lori Halvorson opened the business in January 2023 after practicing for nearly a decade at various other practices. She wanted to start a practice with less of a clinical feel in a more homey space. The house at 515 6th Ave provided a lot of potential and after remodeling the entire main floor, she was able to open the space and begin seeing clients.

Halvorson is licensed in the state of Iowa and treats ages 8 to adult in-person and through video telehealth. She is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) and can treat a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, organizational and behavioral skills and more. Halvorson also works with the Poweshiek County Sherrif’s Department and CICS to provide sessions to inmates.

New clients can request an appointment online or by calling 641-990-4936. New clients will receive an evaluation at their first appointment along with an anxiety, depression and ptsd screening. Halvorson then works with each client to determine goals and a treatment plan. She is not able to offer medication management but will refer clients to their primary doctors or another provider to get them the help they need.

Halvorson is passionate about helping people and believes it’s important to find a therapist and an environment that’s a right fit. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more, reach out via phone or check out the website at If you need financial assistance, the JPK Fund may be able to help.

Pictured Back L-R: Brad German - GreenState Credit Union - Grinnell, Trent Arment - MCG - Mahaska Communication Group, Stephanie Lair - UnityPoint Health - Grinnell Regional Medical Center, Jeff Finch - Wes Finch Auto Plaza, Faith Repp - Capstone Behavioral Healthcare, Hannah Voss - UnityPoint at Home, Charlie Isaacs - Theisen's, Monica St. Angelo - Grinnell Area Arts Council, Victoria Springer - American Brawn Charity, Whitney Bair Crawford, Agent with New York Life

Front L-R: Rachael Kinnick - Grinnell Chamber, Duane and Pam McDonald, Nels Halvorson, Lori Halvorson - @ The Mental Health Lab, Jennifer McAlexander - JM Consulting & Hawkeye Lock & Security, Lisa Cirks - Cirks Financial Services, Fran Conn, Hannah Warnell - Warnell Real Estate, Carol Jordan - Senior Chamber, Cynthia Alberts - OnMedia

American Brawn Solace Center

Posted on 04/23/2024 at 3:42 PM

Ambassadors visited two members today. First, Mason Chris Harris showed ambassadors around the second floor of the Hermon Masonic Lodge and shared some of the building and organization’s history. Grinnell’s Mason chapter was chartered in 1870 and they met in various locations around town before deciding to build their building in 1918. Their goal as an organization is to “make good people better” and Chris laughed when saying most of the rumors we’ve heard about the Masons aren’t true but they make it fun. They’re always accepting new members, if you’re interested in learning more, reach out to a current member.

Ambassadors then ventured to the third floor to celebrate the opening of American Brawn Charity Solace Center. American Brawn is a nonprofit who’s mission is to share information on suicide support and raise money to purchase life saving equipment for first responders. Founder Kent Reed shared that he has been interested in exploring a support location for veterans and first responders to gather and find comfort with others who have similar backgrounds. He approached the Masons about renting the third floor of their building and they agreed to partner.

The American Brawn Solace Center is open Thursday nights from 6-8 PM. They offer art projects, books or magazines to read, music and other activities for people looking for an opportunity to find solace. Kent intends to add some more structured programming in the future but the current sessions are drop in. While everyone is welcome, the space is specifically looking to provide veterans, active military and first responders the opportunity to connect. Some of the projects attendees are working on will be available for purchase during the auction at the upcoming annual American Brawn Gala (save the date for July 13).

Join Kent and others this Thursday and every Thursday from 6-8 PM on the 3rd floor of the Mason building (928 Main Street). There are chair lifts available if attendees need assistance with the stairs. If you have questions about the Solace Center or would like to make a donation to American Brawn, contact Kent at 641-821-5134 or visit their website at


Pictured L-R: Lisa Cirks - Cirks Financial Services, Rachael Kinnick - Grinnell Chamber, Whitney Bair Crawford, Agent with New York Life, Gary Benest - American Brawn Charity Volunteer, Trent Arment - MCG - Mahaska Communication Group, Phil Grout - Hy-Vee, Jess Dawson - REMAX Partners Realty- Grinnell, Donnette Ellis - Grinnell College Community Connections, Monica St. Angelo - Grinnell Area Arts Council, Fran Conn, Kent Reed - American Brawn Charity, Charlie Isaacs - Theisen's, Rod Rosburg - American Brawn volunteer, Stephanie Lair - UnityPoint Health - Grinnell Regional Medical Center, Nathan Beck - Community 1st Credit Union, Rachel Arsenault - Ramsey-Weeks Inc. Real Estate, Hannah O'Polka - Cleanfoodfix Wellness Studio, Hannah Voss - UnityPoint at Home, Matt Moyer - Bayer Crop Science, Faith Repp - Capstone Behavioral Healthcare, Marissa Pronschinske - Grinnell Chamber

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