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GCMoA Outreach: Activity Bags

Event Details:

Event Type: Announcement
Time: Friday, July 26, 2024 Noon
Categories: Arts & Culture
Kid Friendly

Location Description:

Drake Community Library or Grinnell College Museum of Art.

Event Description:

Each bag contains a reproduction of an artwork and coloring pages from GCMoA’s collection and exhibitions, an activity guide that will get you making art, writing, and/or cooking, and the art supplies you need to complete a project. 40 bags are available on a first come, first served basis Fridays at noon, June 14 - July 26. Get yours at Drake Community Library or Grinnell College Museum of Art. 

This week's theme:
It’s a wide world of dolls! This week's free Activity Bag (July 26 ) from Grinnell College Museum of Art focuses on dolls found in America, Japan, Guatemala, and Russia and has supplies to make FIVE different kinds of dolls. There are images from our collection for inspiration, clothespins, wire, string, thread, fabric, markers, cornhusks, cups, paper, markers, a pencil, a recipe, a little book to write and draw in, plus coloring pages and activity guides that will give you ideas and how-to tips. Make something out of the bag too! You can get your activity bag each Friday at noon through August 2nd at Grinnell College Museum of Art and Drake Community Library. Enjoy!

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