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Two Gravel Bike Riding Routes Designed By Locals

You won't believe it until you experience it, but Iowa is not flat! The miles of great roads surrounding Grinnell can challenge the most physically fit. Grinnell is a gravel riding destination that attracts many cyclists. Our community also has a paved bike trail that weaves through town and connects bicyclists to Rock Creek State Park just a few miles west of Grinnell. Whether you are a novice or an experienced gravel rider, there is a route for you. Just choose how much distance you want to cover and enjoy the ride.

Malcom Jerky Run (26 Miles)

This is a great out and back ride with a beef jerky stop in Malcom at Dayton Meat Market.

  1. Ride south on East St. in Grinnell to Garfield Avenue.
  2. Take Garfield (which turns into 390th Avenue) to 100th Street.
  3. Take 100th Street south to Diagonal Road.
  4. Take Diagonal Road into Malcom. Dayton's Meat Market is on Highway 63 in Malcom.
  5. Reverse the route to get back home.

Easy Section & A Half (7 Miles)

This is a great little warm up ride, beginning in downtown Grinnell.

  1. Start downtown and proceed north on Broad Street to 11th Avenue.
  2. Turn left to head West on 11th Ave. (Highway F27) for two miles to 156th Street, which is where you get on the gravel.
  3. Take a right turn at 156th Street to go north to 360th Avenue.
  4. Turn East and ride to 20th Street.
  5. Turn right again on 20th Street, heading south.
  6. You will cross F-27 to 380th Street. Turn east and back into town on what turns into Highway 6.
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