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What Makes a Great Place?


What comes to mind when you think of a great place? What are we doing well as a community? Where can we continue to build on our successes? What are some things we should be considering for Grinnell in the future? We recently asked these questions, and more, to several community members as we conducted focus group meetings to give an update to some of the work we've been doing since our last round of input sessions in the fall of 2016, and to gain feedback on ways we can continue to improve Grinnell. 


Throughout the course of these meetings, we heard many great ideas and suggestions, and several common themes began to emerge over the course of these 20+ meetings. We're working to compile these thoughts and ideas now, and will be identifying areas of focus which will be shared via this email newsletter in the future. We know we were not able to meet with many of you, but that you likely have some great ideas and suggestions as well. I'm hopeful you'll take a moment to respond with your ideas. How can we ensure Grinnell is a 'great place' for years to come? 


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