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Have You Met Courtney and Liz?


Our organization works with college students in internship roles year 'round, and we have two outstanding students working with us this summer. Liz has been here a few weeks already and Courtney started last week, but in that short time they have already been a tremendous help to us in all of the final logistics and marketing that go into tonight's Friday Fest and next weekend's Grinnell Games, among many other events and projects. Since you will likely meet them at an event or as you stop by our office, we thought it would be great to let Courtney and Liz introduce themselves here. We're very excited to have them on our team for the summer!

Courtney Petersen
I am a rising third year student at Grinnell College double majoring in Sociology and Religious Studies with passions for education, rural development and social justice work. Coming from my hometown of Montezuma, Iowa, I never thought I would find myself so close to home for college, however, the diverse and socially committed student population and rigorous yet fulfilling academic opportunities of Grinnell drew me in. 

I certainly did not expect to experience so much of the world just a short 20 miles from home, but that's exactly what happened. Located right in the middle of a beautiful and community-rich small Iowa town, Grinnell proved to be the perfect fit for to learn, grow, and develop my passions and interests as both a student, citizen, and human being.  

I have had an amazing experience living in Grinnell over the past two years. One of my favorite aspects of Grinnell is the beauty of Rock Creek State Park and the delicious food at Frontier Cafe! I am excited for this opportunity to work with the Grinnell Chamber of Commerce because of their commitment to the Grinnell community. Through this internship, I will be able to gain experience in community development, event planning, marketing, grant writing and research, and the operation of a nonprofit membership organization. It's great seeing first-hand the positive impact the chamber has on the Grinnell community.


Liz Laures

Hello! I currently attend Iowa State University and will be a junior this coming fall. I am double majoring in supply chain management and marketing, and have been a die-hard Iowa State fan since I was in diapers.

I am originally from New Hampton, a small town of about 4,000 in Northeast Iowa. Growing up, I thought I hated living in a small town because there was nothing to do and everyone seemed to know everyone's business. As I went off to college, I realized just how much I appreciated my hometown. From the friendly waves on the road (whether you knew them or not), to the way the town rallied around a family in the midst of a tragedy or an accomplishment. When I saw the opportunity for a marketing internship in Grinnell for the summer, I thought it would be the perfect chance to not only gain more working experience but also get to know and love another small town. The town of Grinnell definitely has not disappointed. My favorite part about Grinnell is how friendly everyone is and how beautiful it is here. Oh, and Dari Barn is great! Grinnell has so much to offer!

After graduating college, my ultimate goal is to get a marketing or logistics position within a larger company such as John Deere. Since beginning this internship three weeks ago, I have also started thinking about how awesome it would be to work in a smaller community like Grinnell. Until graduation, I plan on going where ever life takes me.

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