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Wow, what a week! I've met myself coming and going with so many meetings, but it's been a great week to learn something new. Yesterday and today, Grinnell hosted the Iowa Rural Development Summit, an invitation-only event to communities under 20,000 population. We have 70 communities from across the state represented at this event, and have stayed in and explored our community. Occasionally we take things for granted in Grinnell, but I was reminded as I was having conversations with many of my colleagues how fortunate we are, and how our hard work has really paid dividends.  

The Summit has been a great chance to feature Grinnell, but also make connections and learn about unique ways we can partner on projects such as rural placemaking, housing initiatives and opportunities, broadband projects, cultivating rural leaders and so much more. 

Grinnell was also one of 18 communities to receive a Community Catalyst Grant for the Beyer Block downtown which was a result of taking action from the Grinnell Downtown Plan our office helped facilitate nearly two years ago. Along with our colleagues at the City and POW I80 (they did the heavy lifting on this one!), we celebrated this announcement and look forward to continuing to move this project forward.

I was also able to learn about many fantastic projects taking place in rural communities across the state of Iowa and personally look forward to taking in a baseball game in Bancroft and visiting a new brewery in Dyersville in the coming months. What a state we live in -- make sure you get out and take advantage of the great things happening in our own community but those across Iowa as well! 

--Rachael Kinnick

p.s. The weather may be chilly this week, but we're hosting a Sprint Triathlon and Mini Triathlon next week -- make sure you get signed up at

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