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A Movie in the Making (For Real)


A Movie In The Making (For Real)

Did you know there's a movie being filmed in Grinnell this month? The independent feature film tells a fictional story of two sisters who reconnect with each other over their shared love of music during the course of one summer in Grinnell. It is a modern-day musical that includes ten original songs, and is named "Saints Rest" after the coffee shop, which is the primary location of the film.


Filmmaker Noga Ashkenazi graduated from Grinnell College in 2009 and describes the film as a "love song to Grinnell". I think it is amazing that our community left such an impression on Noga that she chose to spend the past three years writing and producing a film that showcases her favorite places here.


Filming began a couple weeks ago, and we had a chance to meet the cast and crew last week. One of the actresses who had never visited Grinnell until now told me that Grinnell feels like a charming town that fell straight out of a storybook and onto Earth. She was wowed by our pretty town and welcoming people. I wish I had gotten her description of our community on camera!


The crew is wrapping up their final day of filming inside Saints Rest today, so the coffee shop will be back open for regular business tomorrow! They will continue filming at other locations around town, so watch for them out and about. If you'd like to be involved in the film, there are upcoming opportunities to volunteer as an extra:

  • Friday, July 15 - The Bar - Looking For Young People - 4 pm - 4 am
  • Saturday, July 16 - The Bar - Looking For Young People - 4 pm - 4
  • Wednesday, July 20 - Dari Barn - 5 people - 5 pm - 8 pm 

If you are interested in being an extra, you may email Katie In at to sign up.


We look forward to a premiere of Saints Rest here in Grinnell next year! The film will be screened at the Sundance Film Festival and other venues, and is expected to become available to a wider audience in 2017. 


In the meantime, please make an extra effort to get out and support our Grinnell businesses! Many storefronts have limited visibility and sidewalk access this summer due to the facade construction taking place downtown plus filming of the movie. Ridiculous Day sidewalk sales are this Saturday, which are a perfect opportunity to get out and do some shopping right here in Grinnell!


Ridiculous Day is from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday at more than 20 shops this year! Participants include Anna Kayte's Clothing Boutique, Bates Flowers by DZyne, Beauty Hair & Nails, Beckman Gallery II, Bill's Jewelry Shop, Brown's Shoe Fit, Gamers, Giggles & Bows, Loralei's Giftshoppe, Luther Floor Covering, Malcom Lumber, Memories Maid, Paul's ACE Hardware, Phase 2 Consignments, Pioneer Bookshop, Starnes TV & Appliance, Stepping Stones Christian Bookstore, Tea Rose Trinkets, The Music Shop, Total Choice Shipping & Printing, Van Wall Equipment, Village Decorating Studio, and Wagon Wheels West. Find Ridiculous Day details, including a list of each store's sales, on our website. 


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