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Give Big to the Big Give

Posted on 10/17/2018 at 11:09 AM

As a community and individuals, we often choose how to best be good stewards of our dollars. Which is partly why I love the idea of the Big GIVE, an annual giving campaign now in its seventh year. For the month of October, community members are encouraged to give to the Greater Poweshiek Community Foundation to support any of their 39 funds. One of the greatest things about giving to this drive is that you can specify where your gift goes, or you can simply give to the greater good. Each of these causes is important to our community and county and we have the opportunity to support multiple efforts with just one donation. 


I was disappointed to miss the Spirit of Giving event last week which serves as a kick-off to the campaign while recognizing community members who have gone above and beyond. This year's event recognized several individuals who have been instrumental in Grinnell for a number of years, but also reminds us that there are so many people just like them in our community supporting organizations in meaningful ways. 


In the world of fundraising you're always challenged to raise more money, often with less time and staff, to reach more individuals. This year's Big GIVE campaign is looking to raise more than last year's nearly $200,000 to make an even bigger impact for these important community organizations


As you look at ways to give back to our community, please consider a gift to this or other great community organizations. There are so many ways to give back to Grinnell, and I encourage you to consider how you can make a positive impact. 

--Rachael Kinnick


Posted on 10/05/2018 at 9:03 AM

I know what you're thinking, isn't this the Grinnell Chamber's newsletter? You're absolutely right, but I hope you'll take the next few minutes to indulge me and read further. I'm at a state-wide Chamber conference with many of my peers this week (thus the reason for the tardy email) and had the opportunity to hear from my Marshalltown friend and colleague last evening regarding the devastating EF-3 tornado that ripped through the heart of her community nearly three months ago.  


Her account of the situation was both heartbreaking and powerful. As a community they have seen so much destruction, but the good that has come in the wake of tragedy is truly remarkable. People helping people whether they know them or not, and rising up to the challenge to rebuild a community both physically and emotionally. 


In the first days to follow the tornado, our recommendation was to stay away while they worked to assess the damage and while that was immediately helpful our neighbors to the north now need our help. Most people have now moved on with their daily lives and may have even forgotten about what happened to the community that day, but the rebuilding is just now beginning and they could use our help. Reach out to friends, colleagues you may have. Call the Marshalltown United Way to find out how you can volunteer to make a difference. 


Although smaller, Grinnell is a community not unlike Marshalltown and I am incredibly grateful our community was spared on that July day as I know it could happen in the blink of an eye. We often work in competitive nature with our peer communities, but now is a time for us to come together to make a positive impact. My colleague's words resonated with me, and I hope you'll take the time to reach out and continue to help in some way now that the media coverage has stopped and people are beginning to rebuild.

--Rachael Kinnick

Give a Garden

Posted on 09/20/2018 at 11:13 AM

Are you familiar with Grinnell's Giving Gardens? The first community Giving Garden was started in the summer of 2013 at Grinnell Regional Medical Center. The gardens were developed as a part of a community transformation grant, and are intended to give the Grinnell community access to fresh foods. Several locations were added in the summer of 2014, and each summer thereafter. As of today, there are Giving Gardens at GRMC, St. John's Lutheran Church, Summer Street Park (maintained by Rotary), St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Davis Elementary, Marvin Gardens, Grinnell Community Daycare & Preschool and Ahrens Park (began this summer and is managed by Imagine Grinnell).  


Anyone and everyone are welcome to harvest the produce; there is no cost to participate in the program and the gardens give access to fresh, nutritional, local foods. Any produce that is not collected by the community-at-large is gathered and donated to MICA, senior centers and other locations that serve food-insecure families. In the summer of 2017 alone, more than 2,000 pounds of food were donated to area agencies! The gardens are sustainable as well -- each having sheds to keep tools on-site, rain barrels to help with water retention and are managed by a committee with a representative from each of the organizations listed above. 


It may seem as though 'gardening season' is over, but September is a great month to secure some great produce, and the gardens are producing like crazy right now. Grinnell's Giving Gardens are a remarkable effort of community collaboration, and are there waiting for you!  

--Rachael Kinnick 


p.s. Don't forget to head downtown this evening to catch the Grinnell-Newburg Homecoming Parade (starts at 5:30pm) and cheer the Tigers to victory at the pep rally afterward! And don't worry about cooking - the Dollars for Scholars Dogs for Dollars fundraiser will be taking place in Central Park immediately following the parade. 

Community Compromise

Posted on 09/14/2018 at 8:57 AM

It's been three days, and I'm still reeling. Tuesday saw incredible voter turnout in Grinnell for the school bond issue, and while I'm personally disappointed the vote didn't pass I can understand both sides of the issue. What I cannot understand is the incredible division this vote has created in our community, and I am more disappointed in the community's response toward one another than anything. We are a community that comes together to help our own, that works together to solve challenging problems and celebrates together when great things happen. But that's not the community I saw Tuesday and in weeks leading up to the vote. I'm disappointed in both the 'Yes' and the 'No' voters and the hateful rhetoric I'm seeing on both sides of the issue.


The school district has adopted the TEAM motto for the year: Together Everyone Achieves More. Maybe it's because this mantra was used in my household constantly as I was growing up, but it's always instilled in me the need and desire to work together in whatever ways possible. I implore everyone reading this to come together as a Grinnell TEAM to find a solution we can all get behind for the betterment of our community.


We are a community that will rise to the occasion, but it will not come without compromise. From both sides. You see, here's the thing about compromise - rarely do both parties get exactly what they want. Instead, they work together to find the best possible outcome. And that's what I'm hoping this community so many of us love will do next. Come together. Talk civilly, respectfully and professionally about possibilities and opportunities, recognizing that we all have different ideas of what a solution should look like. Listen to each other. Don't listen to respond, but listen to listen. The BEST idea is yet to come - I firmly believe that. And I'm confident we, as a community, can come to a consensus that will better our community for years to come. Will we all agree? Likely not entirely, but we need to work like hell to make sure we come together for the future of this incredibly amazing place we all love so much.


Together, We Are Grinnell!

--Rachael Kinnick

The Future of Retail

Posted on 09/06/2018 at 4:33 PM


The retail of the future likely looks a little different than today, which may look vastly different from the past and our retailers must continually be nimble in a multi-faceted and ever-changing environment. I attended a Greater Des Moines Partnership event yesterday morning, along with a couple of our business owners, which outlined the future of retail. We know the retail landscape continues to evolve quickly and with good reason there's a lot of uncertainty right now given several recent announcements and closures of big stores along with the online and mobile sales boosts.  


But did you know that while we talk about the amount of online sales made (and yes, those purchases equate to a lot of money), online purchases still only account for approximately 10% of retail purchases? The average person would still prefer to touch and feel the product before buying it, and equally cite the customer service experience and interpersonal interaction as a major reason for their in-person purchases.


The retail of the future will revolve around one of three center concepts: lifestage centers: areas catering to specific demographics; value centers: getting the best deal possible and idea centers: utilizing high tech and high touch to engage customers. Retail of the future will contain staples and convenience, and include experiential opportunities. 


If you're interested in the retail of the future and starting a new venture in Grinnell, let's talk! We'd love to help you take the next steps to make it happen. And would you all do me a favor? Continue to look local first, before you drive out of Grinnell or jump online to make your next purchase.

--Rachael Kinnick

Keeping it Real

Posted on 08/30/2018 at 4:07 PM

I was in a meeting yesterday where the speaker talked about 'being authentic and real', so I decided to keep it real with you today. I'm not feeling it. How's that for honesty? I've got a list a mile long of topics I want to write about, but I'm uninspired to choose any of them at the moment. This month has been so busy for our office, and we just wrapped up our summer calendar of events this past weekend. Now that events have concluded I'm excited to jump back into some of the programming efforts we've set aside for awhile, and start to re-group as we begin our planning efforts for next year. 


But before I do that, I'm going to take a long weekend and come back next Tuesday refreshed and ready to tackle the week. Anyone else need a 'mental health day' from time to time? They're so important -- make sure you're taking the best care of yourself so you can continue to conquer the world (and I'll work to practice what I preach ;)). 

--Rachael Kinnick


p.s. The Lions Club is hosting Ag Appreciation Day from 3-7pm at Central Park today. Come downtown and check it out and be sure to swing through the Farmers Market while you're here! 


p.p.s. If you've not taken the before-and-after school survey yet, would you take just a few minutes to do it? It's geared for parents with children ages 5-12 to give input towards the direction of a possible program and we'd greatly appreciate your help!

Let's Be Welcoming!

Posted on 08/24/2018 at 12:28 PM

As we begin to welcome the 466 members of the Class of 2022 to Grinnell and Grinnell College's campus this week, and all their peers returning for their remaining years as Pioneers, I encourage you all to take the time to be a little more friendly. They've never lived here - they're not familiar with our community. They'll likely make our wait times a little longer in restaurants, our drive time slightly increased as we have more pedestrians around town but let's be thankful and patient for all of it. These students (and their families) are vital to the economy and growth of this community we all love. They make our cash registers ring, they'll become our employees and many may never leave this community as they fall in love with it just as we have. 


So let's remember to be kind, helpful and patient this week and the weeks to come. Our educational institutions bring a beautifully young and diverse community that most communities would do anything to attract. Let's all do our part to help make them feel welcome here for the years to come. 

--Rachael Kinnick


p.s. Speaking of students (Happy 1st day to the G-N SD!), if you happen to have school-aged children (ages 5-12), would you mind taking a few minutes to take this survey regarding before-and-after school care in Grinnell? This was a hot topic generated from our childcare study earlier this summer and a group of folks are working on possible solutions now, but want and need your input!

Who's Ready to Fly?

Posted on 08/16/2018 at 12:00 PM

It's finally here -- Fly Iowa 2018 is being hosted in Grinnell this weekend, and you're all invited! Our committee has been meeting for over a year to bring this event to fruition, and we officially kick things off tomorrow with the Youth Rally geared towards aviation education and outlining different career opportunities (pre-registration required). 

Things culminate with the Fly-In Breakfast and Air Show on Saturday, beginning bright and early at 6am! Join us for the Optimists' Fly-In Breakfast from 6 to 11am(tickets available in advance or at the door), kids' activities including a scavenger hunt, bounce house and rock climbing wall, the Re/Max hot air balloon tethered rides and stick around for the Air Show scheduled to begin at noon. One of our performers will also be giving paid plane rides earlier in the morning (must be 11 years old) if you want to get in the air yourself!  

We've also been learning all week about various military static displays that will be on-site and have found out a Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter will be at this year's Fly Iowa event! And our air show performers will be on-site talking with guests, entertaining, and we're so excited for you to see them all. Skydivers, formation flying, a Stearman and even a comedic act: get there early to enjoy all the fun and see the planes before the show starts at noon! 

Fly Iowa Grinnell has been planned by a dedicated group of core volunteers, and will take the help of an additional 50 people on Saturday! The event has been graciously supported by an incredible number of sponsors including Unity Point Health - Grinnell Regional Medical Center, Bernie Lowe & Associates, Manatts, CGA, Grinnell College, Grinnell Mutual, Pagliai's, Hy-Vee, Lowry Flying Service, Grinnell Optimists, Bikes to You, Total Choice, Grinnell Herald Register, ACE Hardware, Wes Finch Auto Plaza, Ramsey-Weeks, Grinnell Outdoor Power and Service, Van Wall Equipment, CARE Ambulance, Paul Berge, Claude Spears, Chuck McDonald and Doug Rozendaal. 

For more information on the day's activities, click here. We'll see you at the Airport Saturday for this exciting (and free!) community event! 

380 Hours

Posted on 08/03/2018 at 3:07 PM

Every day has 24 hours, right? On August 18 we'll cram 380 hours into one day! This is the number of volunteer hours needed to make Fly Iowa happen between our committee members and volunteer shifts. Fly Iowa is scheduled for Saturday, August 18 and the day's events begin bright and early at 6am with the Optimists' Annual Fly-In Breakfast (until 11am) followed by an Air Show beginning at noon.  

We need help from the community to make it a success! You see, events like this don't simply happen. We've had a committee of approximately 15 individuals working behind-the-scenes for months to help pull all the details together to make Grinnell shine when we host Fly Iowa. But we still have several volunteer shifts to fill. Would you consider helping with a shift or two? It's always fun to attend events; however, we don't often give thought to the smiling faces greeting us, parking vehicles, or cleaning up after us but those volunteers are an integral part of the success of any event. Please consider making Fly Iowa Grinnell a successful event by volunteering a few hours of your time on August 18. You can reply to this email to sign-up or email


You can find more details about the Fly Iowa event here. And if you're interested in registering your child (ages 5-12) for the youth rally on Friday, sign up soon as we're almost at capacity! 


We'll see you at Fly Iowa 2018 at the Grinnell Regional Airport on Saturday, August 18 for food, airplanes and free fun! 

--Rachael Kinnick


p.s. I hope we'll see you in Central Park tonight for our final FridayNight Live of the season. Things kick off at 5:30pm wiith Gabe Burdulis, followed by The Boys. Pre and post-music will be on Hotel Grinnell's outdoor patio as well, so make it a great night of live music in downtown Grinnell! 

Christmas in July

Posted on 07/27/2018 at 8:44 AM


We're only 152 days from Christmas - have you started your holiday shopping yet?! Just kidding, it's a little too early for even me to start thinking about the holiday -- I'm loving the summer weather way too much. As we look to plan fun, community-oriented events we've been approached by community members about planning something for the holidays in the newly renovated Central Park and that's where we need your help. Everyone seems to have their own visions for an event, but inevitably several want our organization to take the lead. While we're certainly happy to be involved and help facilitate and make connections, we want this to be a true community event, and we need your help to do it.  


So here's the call: if you've got ideas for a fun holiday event, and want to be involved in bringing something to fruition, please make plans to join us on Wednesday, August 8 at 5pm in Central Park. Planning events and activities takes time and we want to be sure we get started early enough to pull something together!  We'll meet there for inspiration and brainstorming, and begin compiling possibilities along with individuals or organizations who can help bring them to life. If you're able to attend, please let me know by responding to this email! 


Speaking of Christmas in July, if some of you are ready to start thinking about holiday shopping, would you please look local first? And be sure to check out the Handmade for the Holidays pop-up retail today and tomorrow at 219 West Street for some fun holiday gift ideas. 


Will we see you on August 8 to get into the holiday spirit? I hope so! 


p.s. We're in need of many hands to help bring the Fly Iowa event to life on August 18. Would you please consider volunteering your time that day? Email Clara at to sign up today! 

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